State/church victory in Massachusetts


You spoke — and your legislators listened.

Last month, we asked you to tell the Massachusetts Legislature to pass H. 4606, a bill seeking to outlaw female genital mutilation and allow survivors to bring civil action against perpetrators.

After many of you called and wrote your elected officials, we are happy to report that Gov. Charlie Baker has signed H. 4606 into law. Female genital mutilation is now illegal in Massachusetts. Crucially, the law specifically states that performing this procedure as part of a custom or ritual provides no legal defense. This is a huge win for state/church separation — and your support and action played a vital role.

We need to work further and end the misuse of religion to protect perpetrators of abuse and discrimination, but this victory is proof that making our secular voices heard is critical to effectively hold our lawmakers accountable.

Thank you for taking action!

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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