SOUTH DAKOTA: Speak out against anti-trans bill

The South Dakota Legislature is considering a bill that would criminalize doctors who provide medically necessary treatment to transgender youth, most notably prohibiting puberty-blocking medication. South Dakota legislators need to hear your opposition to this discriminatory measure.

This bill, H.B. 1057, puts private medical decisions in the hands of lawmakers and endangers transgender youth in the interest of advancing a dogmatic religious ideology. If passed, it would make it a felony for doctors to adhere to prevailing medical standards by providing gender-affirming care.

Anti-LGBTQ legislative efforts are rooted in religious dogma. For example, the nationwide effort known as Project Blitz includes sweeping anti-LGBTQ measures while advancing the lie that America is a Christian nation, aiming to cement religiously motivated discrimination into the law.

The South Dakota Senate Committee on Health and Human Services has a hearing on this bill next Monday, Feb. 10. These senators need to hear your opposition. Legislative offices tally the calls and contacts received in opposition and support of controversial issues, and it is essential that South Dakota citizens make it clear they will not tolerate this discrimination so the Religious Right cannot claim a mandate.


  1. Attend the committee hearing next Monday. More information can be found here.
  2. Click on the red “Take Action” link below to contact the Senate Health and Human Service committee members and urge them to oppose this bill. Please take a moment to personalize the talking points provided.
  3. Speak out against HB 1057 on social media.
  4. Consider writing a letter to the editor in opposition to HB 1057 in your local South Dakota paper.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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