Reject Tenn. public school religious release time bill


The Tennessee Legislature is considering a bill that would require public schools to establish a program allowing children to be released from instructional time to attend “a course in religious and moral instruction.”

This bill, H.B. 2542, specifies that public schools would be required to excuse students for a religious course even if the district has not adopted a policy to address other release time programs, clearly favoring religion at the expense of a secular education.

This bill has already passed the state Senate and will next be heard by the House Education Committee TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 11. Please use our automated system to contact the members of this committee and urge them not to pass H.B. 2542. Click on the red “Take Action!” button below and follow the prompt. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided. If you are able to attend tomorrow’s hearing, please consider showing up and opposing this bill in person.

Hearing Information:
House Education Committee
Date: March 11, 2020
Time: 9 a.m.
Location: Hearing Room 1
Click here for more information.


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