Protect Tenn. Constitution from Christian nationalist amendment!

Tennessee state Rep. Micah Van Huss has introduced an amendment to the Tennessee Constitution “recognizing that our liberties do not come from government, but from Almighty God.” Yes, you read that right.

The proposal, TN HJR 17, is as blatantly unconstitutional as it sounds. Codifying the fringe belief that our liberties come from “Almighty God” is exclusionary not only to the growing percentage of Americans who identify with no religion, but any Tennessean who worships a different god than Van Huss. The attempt to add this language is an assault on the principle of separating religion and government, an American original.

The proposed insertion of Van Huss’ god is further colored by his distorted view of what rights Van Huss thinks that God has given us. Van Huss recently stated that he saw nothing evil about a 15-year-old’s rape that would result in an unwanted pregnancy, and has sponsored bills aimed at limiting the rights of same-sex couples to marry. This bill would thus insert into the Tennessee Constitution not only religion in general, but more specifically Van Huss’ particular fringe view of Christianity. This is Christian nationalism — and is unacceptable.

HJR 17 is on the calendar for TOMORROW, April 10. Please contact your Tennessee representative and ask that she or he vote down this proposed amendment.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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