Please support inclusive textbooks in Illinois public schools

The Illinois Legislature is considering a good bill to ensure that public school textbooks are inclusive and non-discriminatory, and it needs to hear your support.

HB 246 specifies that all approved textbooks must be “non-discriminatory as to any of the characteristics under the Illinois Human Rights Act.” This bill prevents the omission of LGBTQ individuals, along with many other groups whose contributions are often neglected.

Ensuring representative and non-discriminatory material in textbooks is a critical component to safeguarding secular public education. Fortunately, this bill has already passed the Illinois House of Representatives and will soon be reviewed by the Senate Education Committee. The Illinois Senate makes it simple to register your support or opposition to bills. Click on the link provided below and fill out the form provided to voice your support for HB 246. If you would like to add talking points, feel free to use or adapt the ones provided below.



As an Illinois constituent, I support HB 246, which ensures that protected groups are not erased from our public schools’ textbooks.

This bill is a positive step in safeguarding quality, inclusive and secular public education. I encourage the Senate Education Committee to vote in favor of HB 246.

Freedom From Religion Foundation