Oppose religious curriculum mandate in S.C. public schools



The South Carolina Legislature is considering a bill that would mandate the teaching of religiously slanted topics and materials in public schools. Lawmakers need to hear your opposition to this extremely damaging measure.

This bill, HB 3002, would require many specific areas of instruction on America’s history, including various religion-infused topics such as “the life of young George Washington, including the Native American legend of his divine protection” and “God-given rights.” Additionally, this bill would require the South Carolina Department of Education to use materials from specific conservative entities such as the notorious Heritage Foundation. The bill even removes a provision of the law requiring instruction on the Bill of Rights.

This bill is a thinly veiled attempt to insert myths into public education regarding the role of religion in America’s founding. This measure is about advancing the Big Lie that the United States was “founded on God” or Christianity, dismantling the wall of separation between religion and government, and subsequently brainwashing American schoolchildren into believing that our nation is a theocracy.

The South Carolina House Education and Public Works Committee has a hearing on this bill coming up tomorrow, March 10. Please click on the red “Take Action” link below to contact all members of the committee and urge them to oppose this bill. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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