Oppose N.D. bill permitting Ten Commandments displays in schools


A North Dakota bill that would require school districts to allow Ten Commandments displays “in the school and in a classroom” is moving quickly through the Legislature, and we need your help to stop it.

SB 2308 has shockingly already passed the state Senate and will soon be voted on by the House. This is our last chance to stop this bill before it hits the governor’s desk, where it will almost certainly be signed into law.

Knowing that Ten Commandments displays in public schools violate the law, legislators are including a provision that purports to remove all liability from school districts, administrators, and board members from legal “damages” resulting from putting these displays up. This provision is misleading, as schools could still be subject to injunctions that would lead to the school paying for legal fees, and schools would still be subject to legal liability under federal law.

The Supreme Court has ruled that Ten Commandments displays in public schools violate the Establishment Clause, as their religious messages are undeniable. Additionally, FFRF prevailed against two Pennsylvania school districts that hosted Ten Commandments monuments. One district settled with the removal of the monument and more than $163,000 in attorneys fees. This law would open districts up to expensive and unnecessary legal liability. Please use our simple, automated system to contact your representative and ask that they vote no on SB 2308. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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