Oppose making the bible the state book of Oklahoma

An unconstitutional resolution is being considered by the Oklahoma House of Representatives that would designate the bible the official state book of Oklahoma. This outrageous bill has already passed a House committee and needs to be stopped now! Please take action against this unconstitutional move by zealous legislators to force Christianity upon Oklahoma citizens regardless of their religious — or nonreligious — preferences.

The proposed bill, HB 3890, is both illegal and fiscally irresponsible, as it would almost certainly result in a preventable lawsuit that would cost state taxpayers dearly.

Religious faith is a matter of private conscience, not state endorsement. The bible is rife with violence, misogyny, homophobia, genocide, slavery and intolerance of nonbelievers; it has no place as the state book of Oklahoma. Please take a moment to tell your state representative to oppose this bill.

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Talking Points

As an Oklahoman, I urge you to oppose HB 3890, the proposal to make the “Holy Bible” the state book of Oklahoma. This bill violates the freedom of conscience of every Oklahoma resident by unconstitutionally endorsing religion, placing the state’s stamp of endorsement on one particular religion’s holy book. If passed, this bill would open up the state to significant legal liability when an inevitable lawsuit is filed. Please honor the constitutional freedoms of Oklahomans and spare Oklahoma taxpayers the burden of this irresponsible proposal. Please vote “no” on HB 3890. Thank you for your time.


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