Mississippi: Oppose Gov. Reeves’ “Day of Prayer”

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves is again inappropriately proselytizing to you and your fellow Mississippians — and needs to hear your opposition.

Reeves has declared Sunday, Dec. 20, a “Statewide Day of Prayer, Humility, and Fasting” and is encouraging you and other citizens to join in prayer and read from the bible.

“We know there is power in prayer,” Reeves said during a Facebook Live event announcing the proclamation. “As we have done throughout the history of the country, we will go to the Lord and ask for His protective hand over us as we conclude the year 2020 and as we enter the year 2021.” He also began and ended the announcement with Christian prayers by two clergymen. FFRF has written to him previously about two similar abuses of his office this year to promote religion.

Ironically, he has failed to use his civil authority to issue mandates that will help stem the pandemic, yet feels free to exhort you to pray and to engage in unconstitutional endorsements of religion.

Read FFRF’s full letter to Gov. Reeves.

Tell Gov. Reeves to get off his knees and get to work! (Feel free to add your own language.)


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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