Oppose bible classes in W.Va. public schools

The West Virginia Legislature is considering a bill that would allow state-funded public schools to indoctrinate students with bible classes. We need your help to stop this bill in its tracks.

This bill, H.B. 4780, is part of Project Blitz, the Christian fundamentalists’ nationwide legislative push to inject state legislatures with a whole host of religious bills. It is an unvarnished attack on American secularism and civil liberties — those things we most cherish about our democracy and must tirelessly defend.

While politicians often claim that these laws are intended to teach the bible in the context of U.S. history, we know their true agenda is to abuse their access to young and impressionable children and indoctrinate them with religious orthodoxy. Public school bible classes have been tried across the country and have invariably ended up unconstitutionally promoting religion.

H.B. 4780 has passed the West Virginia House and is now headed to the state Senate for consideration. Please click on the red “Take Action!” link below and follow the prompt provided to tell your state senators to oppose this bill. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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