National State/Church Call-In Day: Stop Judge Barrett!



As you know, the U.S. Senate is rushing to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, an ideologue who would threaten the separation of state and church, for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is co-hosting a National State/Church Call-In Day today! Please call your senators and ask them to oppose this confirmation!

Barrett, a Christian Nationalist, is a dangerous choice because she believes that the government can, and indeed must, promote religion. Her confirmation to the court would give this fringe view a clear majority.

She has shown support for the argument that employers, based on their religious beliefs, can deny required benefits like birth control coverage. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she voted to exempt religious organizations from bans on large gatherings. She has criticized long-standing precedent that prevents public schools from forcing prayer on students.

The separation of church and state is at risk. We need our high court to protect the rights of everyone. We should only confirm a justice whose record demonstrates she will respect this fundamental First Amendment principle.

Barrett’s personal religious beliefs aren’t relevant. Her position on the separation of state and church is. And unfortunately for all Americans, that position appears to be open hostility. Read FFRF’s full report here.

Please take action — call your senators and ask them to oppose the confirmation of Barrett today!


Freedom From Religion Foundation