Coloradoans: Vote “No” on Proposition 115



The Freedom From Religion Foundation urges Coloradoans to vote “no” on Proposition 115 on the November election ballot. Proposition 115 is an anti-science, anti-woman measure that would prohibit abortions after 22 weeks gestation with only very narrow exceptions. 

Efforts to pass Proposition 115 have received strong support from the Catholic Church. Colorado Springs Bishop Michael J. Sheridan, Pueblo Bishop Stephen J. Berg, and Auxiliary Bishop of Denver Jorge Rodriguez have said that Proposition 115 is one of “the most important political objectives of Colorado Catholics.”

Meanwhile, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, an organization consisting of diverse religious groups that works toward human rights, equality, and opportunity for all, has issued a letter condemning Proposition 115. In the letter, nearly 130 faith leaders derided religious groups that “use their interpretation of their religion as a justification” to infringe on the rights of others, including abortion rights.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation agrees and urges Coloradoans to reject this invitation of religion to dictate women’s health care.


A secular nation’s reproductive laws should be rooted in evidence-based science, not religion. And the evidence shows that abortions after 22 weeks are extremely rare, making up just one percent of abortions. They are already difficult to obtain and require costly, multi-day treatment. The reasons for an abortion later in pregnancy can include medical concerns like fetal anomlies and to protect the health of the pregnant person.

Abortion is a nonreligious issue. A Pew Research Study found that 59 percent of Colorado residents believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, including 37 percent of Evangelical Protestants. However, a small but vocal group continue to create division on women’s health care. The organization behind the measure, Due Date Too Late, organized by the issues committee Coalition for Women and Children, joins many Christian Nationalist organizations in Colorado that seeks to codify their religious beliefs by denying crucial health care to women.

Stand up for science, reproductive health care, and the separation of state and church by voting “no” on Proposition 115 on the November election ballot.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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