Call your senators: No new SCOTUS appointment before inauguration


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death is an incalculable loss for our country. Her work and advocacy as an attorney charted the path for gender-based civil rights litigation. As a Supreme Court justice, she remained a stalwart defender of the separation of state and church.

To preserve RBG’s outsized legacy, we cannot allow the Senate to rush through her replacement before 2021, even more so when Americans across the country have already started voting on who will nominate the next justice.

Read FFRF’s full statement.

Please call your senators to demand that a new justice not be nominated and confirmed until after the inauguration in 2021.

Turn the collective sorrow we feel at the loss of this champion into activism. Harness your dismay and do what RBG always did, what she never stopped doing: Fight. Fight like your rights depend on it. Fight like your country depends on it. Everything is at stake. Our right to a secular government. Roe v. Wade. Racial equality. LGBTQ equality. Our Earth. Our health care. Our health care is at risk in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 200,000 Americans.

Call both your senators right now to tell them not to vote on a replacement for RBG before the election. If your senators have announced their intent to do the right thing, call to thank them, tell them to stand strong, tell them to do more. Tell them to delay. Thank you!


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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