ACTION: Vote for smallest possible “IGWT” on new Mississippi state flag


In June, the Mississippi Legislature finally voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from its state flag. Unfortunately, state lawmakers rammed through a provision that any new design must include the divisive religious phrase, “In God We Trust.”

The “Commission to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag” is now considering five final designs and are asking people to cast their vote before the commission makes its final decision in November. Anyone can vote. Please take a few moments to cast your vote for Option 5, which has the smallest “In God We Trust.”

FFRF and Mississippi members actively protested the mandate requiring this exclusionary phrase on the new flag design. It unquestionably should not be included at all. But, if it has to be there, we should do all we can to make sure it’s as small and unobtrusive as possible.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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