Action Alert! Nominee Barrett will end same-sex marriage, sees law as tool to “build Kingdom of God”


If Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court, it initiates the final stage of a Christian Nationalist takeover of the high court. A supermajority will be free to undo so many of our hard-won rights.

Barrett is an immediate threat to same-sex marriage across the country. Just this week, multiple Supreme Court justices openly stated their willingness to overturn the court’s 2015 decision on same-sex marriage, Obergefell v. Hodges. Barrett is on the record, during a 2016 lecture, criticizing this landmark decision. She praised the feverish dissent of Chief Justice John Roberts, and will surely join him in overturning Obergefell at the first opportunity.

To protect this hard-fought right and so many others, it is essential that Americans stand up and oppose the confirmation of this Christian Nationalist nominee.

Barrett’s short tenure on the 7th Circuit has been marked by decisions that confirm she is a religious ideologue and judicial activist. She has proven hostile to abortion access, has expressed her view that the Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act (stripping health care potentially from millions of Americans) and has supported the Christian Nationalist’s supremely cruel crusade against immigration. Barrett has stated publicly that she believes public schools can impose prayer on students and that her job as a lawyer is to “build the Kingdom of God.”

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This religious zealotry and blatant disregard for our secular Constitution disqualifies her from service on the Supreme Court. It is all on the line. Now is the time to speak up.

Protest the rush to hold hearings during the election process and tell your senators to oppose the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided. Personalized messages are always the most effective.


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