ACT NOW: Oppose six-week abortion ban!


The Louisiana House is slated to advance a near-total abortion ban bill next week, and your representative needs to hear your opposition.

SB 184, like similar anti-choice bills popping up in states across the country, bans abortion before most women even know they are pregnant, effectively outlawing the procedure altogether.

These so-called “heartbeat bills” of course clash with Supreme Court decisions that have recognized a woman’s right to choose abortion, but they also would restrict the personal decisions of all, based on the religious beliefs of the few. This is an abhorrent violation of our rights of conscience.

Please use our automated system to contact your representative and urge them to oppose this bill. Even if you know how your legislator will vote, their office will tally the calls and contacts received in opposition and support of controversial issues, and it is essential that pro-choice Louisianans make your voice heard so anti-choice reps. cannot claim a mandate. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points below.


Freedom From Religion Foundation

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