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Speak out against slate of anti-LGBTQ bills in Colorado

Colorado legislators have introduced a dangerous package of anti-LGBTQ bills, and your lawmakers need to hear your opposition. These six religiously based bills, largely targeting LGBTQ rights in Colorado, are a coordinated attack on secular law:

  1. HB20-1272 is a patently unconstitutional bill that restricts marriage to “one man and one woman, regardless of judicial decisions to the contrary.”
  2. HB20-1033, the “Live and Let Live Act,” is a Project Blitz bill that would allow people to discriminate against LGBTQ Coloradans based on “sincerely held religious beliefs.”
  3. HB20-1114 criminalizes doctors for adhering to prevailing medical standards by providing trans youth with gender-affirming care.
  4. HB20-1273 prohibits trans girls and women from participating in exclusively “female” sports.
  5. HB20-1144 would, among other things, allow parents to exempt their children from state-mandated vaccination requirements.
  6. HB20-1063 is a far-reaching bill which establishes strict scrutiny (a very high legal standard) for any state imposition on parental rights. When paired with the above mentioned bill, this drastically limits the government’s ability to provide education and protection to Colorado children.

This is a clear and coordinated attack on LGBTQ citizens presented under the guise of preserving religious liberty. These bills have a hearing in the House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee this Thursday, Feb. 13. Please let the members of this committee know these bills do not align with your values as a Colorado voter.


  • Click the red “Take Action!” link below to email or call your legislators and share your opposition to this coordinated host of anti-LGBTQ bills. Feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided.
  • Attend the hearing on Thursday, Feb. 13, at 1:30 p.m. and speak in opposition to these bills in person. More information can be found here.
  • Speak out against these bills on social media.


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