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Action Alert

Oppose Project Blitz “religious freedom” bill


The Texas Legislature has flagrantly evaded rules and procedures to revive one of its so-called “religious freedom” bills.

The bill, SB 1978, intends to codify the right to discriminate based on religious beliefs. The bill has been rushed through both chambers of the legislature. Christian nationalists in Texas threw out all the rules in their desperate rush to protect discrimination in the name of god. Now, we need you to contact Gov. Abbott and state your opposition to this bill.

Read FFRF’s full statement.

Governor Abbott, who himself has a history of discriminating against minorities and has worked to make Christians a favored, protected class, is likely to sign the bill. But that's no reason to keep silent. Let him know that there are Texans who stand against discrimination, oppression, and Christian nationalism. His office counts contacts in opposition and support of contentious legislation and we can’t allow him to claim a mandate on the issue.