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Action Alert

Please attend Mo. House hearing on “In God We Trust” bill

The Missouri House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee will hold a public hearing tomorrow, April 30, on HB 577, the dangerous Project Blitz bill that would require public schools display “In God We Trust” in a “prominent location.” We need your help to ensure that young, impressionable students aren’t subject to religious proselytization.

HB 577 is part of the nationwide legislative push called Project Blitz, which seeks to inject state legislatures across the country with a whole host of religious bills. It is an unvarnished attack on American secularism and civil liberties, imposing the theocratic view of a powerful few on We The People. “In God We Trust” is inaccurate, exclusionary and aimed at brainwashing American schoolchildren into believing that our nation is a theocracy.

We know you received an action alert on this last week, but Missouri schools are in trouble and we need your help today. If you can, please call. If you cannot call, please email. It is that important.

If you are able, please attend the public hearing TOMORROW Tuesday, April 30 at 9 a.m. in House Hearing Room 5 at the Capitol building in Jefferson City and speak out in opposition to HB 577. Please feel free to use or adapt the talking points below.