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Action Alert

Urge Louisiana reps to vote against unconstitutional bill

Please take action to keep prayer out of Louisiana public schools!

The Louisiana Legislature is considering a wildly unconstitutional bill, SB 512, that purports to allow public school teachers to pray with students if they first collect signed permission slips. Astoundingly, the Louisiana Senate passed this bill unanimously and a divided House committee also gave it a thumbs-up.

Please contact your state representative and ask them to spare Louisiana taxpayers the expense of defending this theocratic bill. You can find your official by going to this link and entering your address.  

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Please feel free to cut and paste the talking points we've provided below.

As a concerned Louisianan, I urge you to oppose SB 512.

This bill is hopelessly unconstitutional and would trample the right of public school students to a secular government-run education. It would allow public school teachers in the Christian majority to use their government position to promote their personal religion, and to require non-Christian students and their parents to out themselves as religious outsiders.

The Supreme Court has never condoned such a blatant endorsement of religion in public schools, and this bill will be no exception. Passing SB 512 would only throw Louisiana taxpayer money into an unwinnable lawsuit when the law is challenged. There is no freedom of religion unless our government, including our public schools, remain free from religion. Please stand up for the religious liberty rights of public school students and vote against SB 512.