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Action Alert

Tell Kentucky lawmakers to kill discriminatory bill

Please take action to urge Kentucky lawmakers to oppose a wrongheaded, anti-LGBT bill.

The Kentucky state Senate Judiciary Committee is considering HB 372, a bill modeled after a badly misnamed federal bill called the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA).

This perversely mistitled piece of legislation is a proposed federal bill that would legalize discrimination against people in same-sex relationships. This bigoted bill would remove all consequences for a cake decorator or florist who refused to serve a gay couple and would embolden government employees to follow the lead of officials such as Kim Davis in denying gay couples equal access to services.

Amid widespread opposition from FFRF and many other groups, the act died in Congress in 2016. It has reemerged federally, but states like Kentucky are also trying to pass their own versions of the bill.

The bill’s supporters irrationally believe that those who need protection are religious individuals discriminating against gay people. While the Supreme Court ponders whether cake decorators have a unique exception to anti-discrimination laws based on artistic speech, HB 372 would allow anyone asserting religious offense to discriminate against same-sex couples.


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