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Protect right-to-die legislation!

Save D.C.’s Death with Dignity Act

Tell Congress it should not be infringing on the right of Washington, D.C., residents living with terminal illness to decide to die in a humane and peaceful manner.

The House of Representatives’s just-passed appropriations bill includes an amendment to repeal the aid-in-dying law applying to the District of Columbia. The law allows physicians to prescribe such medication for suffering patients with less than six months to live.

Please take action. Ask the Senate to drop the "Harris Amendment" repealing D.C.'s right-to-die law when it votes on the appropriations bill.

Opposition to the Death with Dignity Act stems primarily from Christian organizations and lawmakers, attempting to bend D.C.'s medical policy to fit their theological interpretations of what is moral and ethical.

Overturning D.C.'s right-to-die resolution based on religious views would strip citizens suffering from terminal disease of their right to make a decision based on their own beliefs, values and experiences.


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The D.C. Death with Dignity Act requires that a terminally ill patient making the choice to end his or her life must be a resident of the District who is at least 18 years old, determined mentally capable of making the decision by two physicians and able to articulate an informed decision. To receive the medication, the patient needs to submit one written request, witnessed by at least two other people, and two oral requests. The current measure allows a physician to prescribe the medication to a patient under certain conditions. It criminalizes coercing a terminally ill patient to request the drug.

Tell religious institutions and outside lawmakers who do not represent the District to stay out of D.C's medical legislation. Urge Congress to oppose repealing D.C.'s right-to-die law, which gives terminally ill individuals the right to choose when and how to end their lives.

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