The Myth of Choice for Women Who Are Poor

By Anne Nicol Gaylor

Truly heart-rending stories of women seeking to gain control of their lives. Pregnant women who are poor, ill and disadvantaged continue to be denied the abortions they seek, indeed, plead for. Obviously, if a woman is too poor to afford an abortion, she is much too poor to afford a child, yet the pro-natalist mindset of her government ignores her pleas. Contains the entire text of “What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?” debunking religious opposition to abortion.


In Appreciation
Chapter 1: Introduction to Activism
Chapter 2: Launching the Women’s Medical Fund
Chapter 3: Why Abortion?
Chapter 4: Who Are the Women?
Appendix A: Writing Letters
Appendix B: Remembering
Appendix C: What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?

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