Mike Huckabee and Citizens United raising millions to fight FFRF

ALERT: Mike Huckabee and Citizens United raising millions to fight FFRF

Mike Huckabee and Citizens United Foundation (yes, that Citizens United) recently launched a major campaign to fight the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Huckabee is trying to exploit FFRF’s work in a fundraising campaign targeting his Christian Right supporters. In a recent letter, Huckabee said he is “afraid” of FFRF due to our numerous court victories.


“In just the last few years they’ve won terrible victories that strike at the heart of our values,” said Huckabee. “Send along your $22 contribution to stop FFRF and their Campaign for an Atheist America.”

Huckabee wants to raise millions to expressly fight FFRF and our vital work to protect our secular Constitution.


We need your help to fight back and stick it to Huckabee and Citizens United Foundation.

Will you double the $22 Huckabee and Citizens United are seeking to raise from the Religious Right to fight FFRF? Click Join or Donate below!

FFRF, with more than 32,000 nonreligious members, is working diligently to protect the separation of state and church, just like our founders intended.

Counter Huckabee’s campaign to turn America into a Christian Theocracy by supporting FFRF’s critical work today!


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