Help FFRF Support Freethinkers of Color in Overcoming Discrimination

Help FFRF Support Freethinkers of Color in
Overcoming Discrimination

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation is working hard to support freethinkers of color in overcoming the discrimination that can be prevalent when they come out of the closet as an atheist, agnostic or skeptic in heavily religious communities.

For the past several years, FFRF has paid out more than $10,000 in annual award money to college students of color, who write essays about overcoming discrimination. This year for the first time, FFRF will be featuring some of its essay contest honorees in digital video ads and billboards across the country.

Please watch the video above to see three of FFRF’s recent essay contest honorees: Anissa Foster of Stanford University, Therrin Wilson of the University of Tennessee and Michael Mantooth of Dartmouth College, speaking out.

Join FFRF today or make a donation to support our media campaign and FFRF’s range of students essay contests, others of which are open to college-bound high school seniors, and grad students of any race or ethnicity.

Your support will help FFRF encourage more young Millennials and Gen Z freethinkers like Anissa, Therrin and Michael to come out of the closet and speak up.

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