Do Mess With Texas

The Freedom From Religion Foundation needs your help to
mess with Texas Gov. Abbott 


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Dear Texas nonbeliever:
Your governor, Greg Abbott, has said, “Our message to atheists is don’t mess with Texas…we are not going to tolerate or accept these atheist groups.”
Gov. Abbott even censored FFRF’s Bill of Rights display at the Texas Capitol. This June, a federal court ruled that Abbott violated FFRF’s free speech rights.
Now Abbott — in his crusade to censor FFRF and the views of Texas atheists, freethinkers and nonbelievers like you — is wasting even more of your tax dollars to appeal the ruling. Please join our legal fight in Texas to defend your rights as a nonbeliever. 
Do mess with Texas Gov. Abbott!
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FFRF is the nation’s largest freethought (atheist, agnostic) association with more than 32,000 members, working since 1978 to keep religion out of government.
Thank You!
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