Teachers no longer prayed at in Texas school district (Aug. 15, 2011)

New Braunfels Independent School District (ISD) in New Braunfels, Texas holds a required annual convocation for staff at the beginning and end of each school year at the Tree of Life Church. This July, a local complainant alerted FFRF that the church’s pastor was invited to give a prayer at this meeting. FFRF Staff Attorney Stephanie Schmitt sent a letter of complaint to Superintendent Randy Moczygemba on Aug. 10, 2011, demanding that the District “immediately end the practice of prayer at its annual convocation, or any other events, and stop scheduling employee assemblies in places of worship.”

Moczygemba responded to FFRF on Aug. 15, saying that they would be unable to change the venue as it is the only facility in New Braunfels that has both the indoor seating and parking capacity to accommodate all their employees. However, the District did assure FFRF that they did not schedule a prayer at the August 2011 Employee Convocation. 

Freedom From Religion Foundation