FFRF Florida chapter no longer censored by team (April 27, 2023)

After months of silence, the Central Florida Freethought Community’s Twitter account is no longer being blocked by a high school football team from the Seminole County Public School district.

In September 2022, FFRF was alerted that the CFFC had been blocked by the official Oviedo High School football team’s Twitter account. Though the exact reason as to why the chapter’s account was blocked is unknown, it is suspected that the censorship was viewpoint discrimination based on the chapter’s representation of the non-religious.

“We ask that the Oviedo High School football team unblock “@cflfreethought” on Twitter as well as any other accounts that may have been inappropriately blocked,” FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote in a letter to the district’s legal counsel.

The counsel responded to the letter via email, informing FFRF that the Oviedo High School football account has unblocked the CFFC, an FFRF chapter.

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