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Vol. 21 No. 4 - Published by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. -
May 2004

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FFRF at DC March

Photos by Brent Nicastro

A freethought contingent marched under the banner of "Freedom From Religion" at the huge March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C., on April 25.

A freethought contingent of FFRF members assembled at the Phoenix Park Hotel on April 25 before the March for Women's Lives, which attracted 1.15 million--the largest civil rights march ever held in Washington, D.C.

Freethinkers marching. Foreground, from left: Caroline Beckett (wearing sun glasses), Wis., Bonnie Cohen (in "No Gods, No Masters" t-shirt), Conn., Frank Sander, Wis.; Dan Barker (foreground, holding banner), Wis., Nora Cusack, Wis.

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