Secular Vote

Secular Vote


Dear Freethinker:

The 2012 election will be pivotal in America’s history – and freethinkers can be the deciding voice!

The “Nones” (nonreligious) conservatively make up a fifth of the U.S. adult population. At least a quarter of young adults are “Nones.” This makes seculars as powerful as the core “religious right.”

Inform the debate so that secular voices are heard and our vote counts! Register yourselves and others, and participate by voting in upcoming run-offs and on November 6.

Our nation faces major challenges: the economy, increasing poverty, environmental crises. Educational challenges and competing in a global market are made more problematic in America, which is handicapped by misplaced loyalty to religion over progress and reason.

The political debate is further complicated by the intense pressure on political candidates to wear religion on their sleeves, by “gotcha” issues which encourage politicians to kowtow to religious lobbies, and by polls which show that an atheist would still be voters’ least desirable presidential candidate. Only 54% of Americans recently told Gallup they would vote for an atheist (which is up from previous polls) and 58% would vote for a Muslim, while 90% or more of Americans would vote for a black, a woman, Catholic, Hispanic or Jewish presidential candidate.

This is a country where half of the population rejects evolution, making Americans credulous, uninformed and vulnerable to political manipulation. Many religiously-motivated referenda will be appearing on ballots, which is used as a way to lure “religious right” voters to the polls.

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The religious right remains dogged in its religion-based attacks on the separation between state and church, specifically citing scripture and doctrine to target women’s rights, reproductive liberty, health care reform, gay rights, and marriage equality.

Never in our history has there been a greater need for engaged, informed secular citizens to stand up for freethought, family and freedom.

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The religious right — fundamentalist and Catholic churches — are tirelessly exploiting church congregations to reach and influence voters. We expect many election-year political abuses. Some theocratic organizations are even openly encouraging ministers to break the IRS code and endorse from the pulpit.

Student voters

A special word to freethinking students — this is an exciting time to be on campus, where you can make a difference. Make voter registration the goal of your freethought clubs through November 6. Set up tables. Arm yourself with the facts. Know your rights. Check with your city or county voter registrar’s office to ensure you and your friends know how to register and apply in time for the appropriate ID (government photo ID is being required now in many states that used to accept campus photo ID).


Standing up for our godless and secular Constitution,

Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor

Co-Presidents, Freedom From Religion Foundation


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, FFRF is strictly prohibited from engaging in political campaigns. We do not endorse or oppose any candidates for public office at any level of government. This page is merely intended to encourage our members and other American secularists to get out the vote this election season.

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