Invest in FFRF Building Fund Expansion Campaign

Help Freethought Hall Be “Born Again”!

FFRF’s building project will preserve Freethought Hall, FFRF’s home since 1990, and one of the oldest buildings in Madison, Wisconsin, while adding a handsome multi-leveled addition.

The expansion will:

• Quadruple space
• Give Freethought Hall a true Hall — a top-floor elegant Auditorium
• Accommodate current staff members, while creating work stations for many new staffers into the future
• Create an entire second story legal wing for our attorneys and legal work
• Add a sumptuous 900-square foot library
• Restore a charming “Above Us Only Sky” cupola
• Create a TV-radio recording studio
• Provide a large “No Hell Below Us” mailing/shipping area with easy outdoor access in exposed lower level
• Give us more storage — desperately needed!
• Ramp up security features

More Than Bricks & Mortar

This expansion will enhance the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s capacity, work, visibility, prestige, outreach and future growth. This project will move FFRF — the nation’s largest association of freethinkers (atheists & agnostics) — FORWARD! 


Sponsorship Opportunities

Top Building Fund donors will also be recognized in the main lobby with name in 5-inch-high letters etched on magnificent 14-foot floor-to-ceiling “silver” wall of acknowledgment.

$5,000 and Up — Names of other major donors ($5,000+) also inscribed prominently for posterity in the lobby.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Name on Vestibule Tile (Tasteful handcrafted ceramic wall tile in entryway) $2,500 per tile. While space lasts! Order now! (Limit to name only.)

Name (or Message) on Paving Stone (in Courtyard/Garden Patio) $2,000 — While space lasts! Order now!

Name or Message on 12×12 Paving Stone. $1,000 — While space lasts! Order now! Name or Message on 6×12 Paving Stone.

Won’t You Make a Gift to FFRF’s “Ground Breaking” Expansion?


Freedom Depends on Freethinkers!

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