Sharing the crank mail

Love us or hate us, FFRF gets plenty of mail, and this month’s hate mail is all via email. Here is this month’s Crank Mail, printed as received.

FFRF: You people are the spawn of the earth. Just because you have a difference of opinion, you have no right to be assholes. Just as you have a right to be ignorant, they have a right to believe. My father was hit with a mortar round in Vietnam. He has a cross on his grave. I catch one of you taking it off, you will visit satan you piece of shit. — Daniel Cook

Your organization: I pray you children of Satan burn in HELL! I would do anything possible to Destroy you creatures! — Thomas Greene

Sussex county: Keep your opinions out of our state and especially out of our county. We are a conservative, religious county. The Constitution was based on biblical values. We really do not care what you think of what we do with him our own County. — Andrew Riggins

Hell: Y’all some hell bound ass holes — Mark Wallace

Religion: Prayer is by choice not forced apon people. And if you got a problem with it then fuck you. — Chris Ritchie

FFRF: As a member of our local school board, I take great offense to FFRF attempting to force their beliefs upon local school boards. As noted, you have 200 members from the state of Kentucky which is a very minuscule number of Kentucky residents. As a matter of fact, that is fewer people than voted for me in the last school board election. I was elected to ensure that the children of our county receive the best education possible according to our local morals, ethics, values and beliefs!!!! I will not sway in those local morals, ethics, values and beliefs because a group such as yours from another state or any other entity that attempts to dictate to the citizens of America how to educate their kids. — Bill Clift

Sign: Just read an article in my local paper regarding your hideous group trying to have a sign removed from a small town in Texas. This sign has been there for many years, and YOU need to go away, and leave things alone. Go find a REAL cause to fight. It’s groups like you that leave me thinking, there must be something lacking in your lives. You’re pathetic!!! — Suzie Shaw

Ark Encounter: You people really need to pay attention to this. We should not limit our children’s exposure to any educational experience whether or not YOU feel it is religious in nature. The Ark Encounter is an historic and record-breaking structure (largest timber frame structure in the world). Stop fear mongering and embrace knowledge. — Mariah Custer

Donation: I read what you stand for and this organization is a disgrace. For one thing the State is to stay out of religion and so far the state has interfered in religion but again you organization is to stupid to understand. But again from mentally ill people who don’t know their ass from their heads.


Why?: The whole reason out county is in the sharpe it is right now is because groups such as you want God removed from everything. Do you not understand the reason the first colonist that came here were looking for a place to worship that was not corrupt? And all 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were members of a church who all studied the scriptures just to make sure what they were doing was not violating God’s will? Your group is part of the nations problem and if you cannot be part of solution you need to leave.

Hell is truth seen to late. — Terry Melton

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