Meet a staffer: Whitney Steffen

Name: Whitney Steffen.

Where and when I was born: Madison, Wis., in 1988.

Education: B.A. in English from UW-Madison; paralegal post-baccalaureate diploma from Madison College.

Family: One mom, one dad, one sister.

How I came to work at FFRF: I found the job posting in mid-May and talked to my good friend Bill Dunn (former Freethought Today editor) about FFRF.

What I do here: I’m the legal assistant. I make sure things run smoothly on the legal floor.

What I like best about it: People here are pretty cool. We get lots of interesting and occasionally weird complaints in our legal intake.

What gets old about it: Organizing and sending follow up letters can get really dull.
I spend a lot of time thinking about: My cats.

I spend little if any time thinking about: Quantum physics.

My religious upbringing was: I was raised Catholic. I went to a parochial school in Madison from second through eighth grade.

My doubts about religion started: At some point in eighth grade and definitely more after I graduated. A lot of not-so-fun things were happening to people in my family and I questioned why God would put us through that. I wasn’t very good at being Catholic, either.

Things I like: Cats.

Things I smite: My little kitty’s cancer.

In my golden years: I plan to retire early and rely on one of my kitties to provide for me. He will become a model and bring in lots of money. He’ll do it because he loves me (and because he knows he’s pretty).

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