Sharing the crank mail

This edition of the crank mail, printed as received, is rated G for Godawful or Ghastly, take your pick.

Must Bear Witness: The Lord will hold all of you accountable. I am one of his servants issuing a dire warning to take heed before you are swept away by the maelstrom of DESTRUCTION he has prepared for this world. The Lord has given his signs on the lands. I will give u a little hindsight. The city of Tyler Tx will when this cataclysm hits will become the city of Tyre. It will become a coastal city in the very near future. I myself will be behind the scenes then laughing as all you did was attack his church. You can find these terrains yourself by checking the surrounding of Smith county tx on Google map and check the terrains from above. But don’t look for me when this comes into being. You are on your own then. — tmssquire

Comment: Your organization, Richard Dawkins, and the cowardly people who take part in it would have fit in real well with the Third Reich. — Paul Sherard

Disgrace to our country!! Ron Reagan and this website is a total disgrace to our country. The world is going to hell in a hand basket and it’s because of people like you. CNN has lowered its standards to low life television. — Mark

Freedom of religion and speech: Why is it when Islam or LBGT communities speak their mind and promote religion on public grounds we hear nothing but as soon as a Christian does all heck breaks loose? Y’all are just as pathetic as the aclu. — Thomas Woolverton, Prague, Okla.

JESUS SAVES: Mr. Reagan, I don’t hope for anyone to burn in hell as you proclaim “I am not afraid to burn in hell”. I will pray for you because sir, you are really misunderstanding what it is going to be like to burn in hell. Eternity spent on fire in the pit. No parties, no fun, no bars, no water to drink to fill the quench of thirst, ever. Y’all really need to rethink your plan to go to hell and God’s plan to prosper you throughout eternity. — Cheryle Giannoni

Freedom of speech atr 1sec4 of const: God,Jesus army will one day throw all of you in the pit God army is here already you don’t believe me I’m 2 and 0 agianst the devil himself ask him how the 2 holes I put in his head is I put in Mexico. — Peter Gupta, Gods country, World

religon: You need to stay out of our beliefs combining church and state has always worked. We need prayer in school, on the field on the race track and EVERYWHERE. Keep your nose out of our business, and may GOD have mercy on you. — Diana Lane

Your Foundation: You are attempting to destroy the United States and Western Civilization. Karl Marx would be so so proud. I hope you all fail miserably, but I am sure you are funded by George Soros, Communist that he is. Just admit you want to remake the country in a secular humanist definition, with no right or wrong, no morality at all. Enjoy yourselves. — Dean Meredith

Separation of Church and state: There is no separtion of Church and State. I won’t give my address or phone as you may come after me. God Bless America. Jesus Christ is Lord! In God we trust! — Thomas Eckhoff

Jefferson co.: I live near Jefferson County illinois. I understand that you feel it is your business to put your views on us. It’s not, mind your own business and we will mind ours. Please stay in cryconsin. — Jim Lamar

minding your own business: Why dont you fucking idiot busybodies mind your own business in your own county and leave our Sheriffs dept in Florida the fuck alone. We like the way our Sheriff runs his Dept and he sure as fuck dont need shitheads like you tryin to tell him how to run it. STAY the FUCK out of our business. Mother Fucking lunatics.­ — Rob Longmire
Nativity Scene In Belen, New Mexico: No one asked for your two cents about your views. Belen means Bethlehem in Spanish. It’s organizations like yours that’s causing downfall of society. Mind your own business in Wisconsin and stays out of New Mexico’s business. Now get lost. — JJ Smith

Eye of ra: Fuck up bitch — Ra Ra, Marshall, Texas

A note to you: I really think that you all need to go back down in your “Fox holes” and find Jesus! Your obviously going to hell in a hand basket and don’t even care that your polluting the minds of your children! Our fore fathers founded this nation UNDER GOD and nothing you can do can take God from our hearts! You may successfully take him from the schools and from the public but God says what is done in secret he will reward openly! — Robin Michelle

Important!!! Yes, please go fuck yourselves and stay out of my town and my town’s concerns! That is all. Thanks! — Brett Dowler, Parkersburg, WV

Belen NM: The religious traditions of our community were being actively practiced by Belen community members 400 years ago. About that time, the ancestors of you Yankee rednecks were trying to convince yourself the world might not be flat and that by sailing west side you might actually discover a new world. When we need your advice about how our traditions will be celebrated, we will call. Do the world a favor and start holding your breath… Ready, Set, Inhale! — Stephen Hensley

your bullshit: Im tired of people like u who have not fought for this country to stick ur nose in what people in this contry believe. Dont tell people n govt to take stickers that say ” In God We.Trust” off of thieir cars n trucks. If u dont like it, move ur sorry ass to the USSR. — Ron Smith

Leave people alone!: If I was the mayor of Belen, NM, I would tell you to kiss my ass. Don’t tell me how to run my town! When are you going to sue tow-truck driving companies? The towing piece in back is shaped like a cross. — Daniel Easter (be offended)! Phoenix, AZ

Grady Judd: I have seen where you have attacked sheriff Judd. I have no problem with that but ask how is him speaking at a church any different from the county having preachers in a sheriff uniform in cars as greaf counselors and have preachers on duty to speak at events and things? — Ben Smith, Florida

Bumper stickers on Bay Co. Sheriffs cars: I will argue the separation clause with you, and further more state that if you are any member of your organization are using United States Treasury Notes, you must cease and diciest in any and all uses as it says “In God We Trust” on all currency. Thank you for you devout effort in the attempt to remove God and destroy a nation. But if it really offends you, move to the Middle East. — Timothy Carr, Panama City Beach, Fla.

The Ten Commandments: You bastards can go to Hell. You god Satan is waiting for you in his flaming dominion and I hope you enjoy the heat. Neither You, the Courts or Obama the Muslim Beast can force me to do otherwise. I promise and swear to fight you evil Bastards every way and anytime I can to see your ultimate destruction. GO TO HELL YOU EVIL BASTARDS! ­— Thomas Greene

Religion in public school: Everybody’s talking about muslims and giving me a headache so I want it demolished like you fag do to Christianity. — Craig Caswell, Rock Rapids, Iowa
Religion: You ignort people need to get a life and leave us alone. We don’t want your Godless beliefs here. Quit shoving your nose where it is not wanted. You are what is wrong with this country. — Missouri

Kill yourselves! I’m not hiding behind a cloak of anonymity like the unnamed individuals in the law suit against the Ohio school that had the picture of Jesus hanging. Seriously? You scumbags sued a frickin’ school? Are you really proud of yourselves for trying to take money away from children’s educations? I read a quote from you pieces of shit, “As a result of these unconstitutional actions, Plaintiffs and other likeminded citizens and residents have suffered, and will continue to suffer permanent, severe and irreparable harm and injury.” Are you fucking kidding me?! What suffering, harm and injury could a Jesus picture possibly bring about? The only suffering I see is the persecution of millions of Christians at the hands of worthless assholes such as yourselves. You motherfuckers are the biggest pieces of shit in the world right now. (Worse than ISIS!) You all should be drug out in the street a nd shot! — Scott Whitekettle, Etters, Pa.
A bunch of fucking idiots: Screw you and your bullshit,that sighn in lindale is their fucking business ,if they want their sighn then mind your own business , your bullshit can suck my sick,hope you like that,I have the right to my own opinion ,fuck you — Michael Watson, Texas

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