Intern foils crank mailer

ziegler maddy

Name: Maddy Ziegler.

Where and when I was born: Janesville, Wis., Sept. 7, 1989.

Family: Parents, two sisters, 21 and 19, and a brother, 17.

Education: I majored in English and political science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I’m about to start my second year of law school at UW-Madison.

My religious upbringing was: I was raised Roman Catholic.

How I came to work as an FFRF legal intern: I had been an admirer of FFRF for a few years, so I applied first thing when I saw their advertisement for summer interns through the UW Law Career Services.

What I do here: I research complaints and legal issues and draft letters to people violating the First Amendment. 

What I like best about it: Gaining legal experience while working toward something I’m passionate about.

Something funny that’s happened at work: Someone wrote us a piece of “anonymous” crank mail through the online complaint form, taunting us that his restaurant gave free meals to Christians and daring us to find him. However, he included his email address, so another intern and I were able to track him down immediately online, figuring out his name, restaurant, P.O. Box and phone number in a matter of minutes. We’re still thinking of the best ways we could put this information to use.

My legal interests are: Still being figured out, but include constitutional law, environmental law and family law.

My legal hero is: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

These three words sum me up: Intelligent, snarky, optimistic.

Things I like: Books, good TV, politics, the Green Bay Packers, playing the violin, cats, indie music, living in Madison, concerts, Wisconsin beer and fall weather.

Things I smite: Irrationality, the crickets infesting my apartment and people who chew with their mouths open.

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