‘Man Made God,’ not vice versa

Barbara G. Walker’s new collection of essays, many of which were excerpted over the years in Freethought Today, is Man Made God (Stellar House Publishing, 2010).

Walker, a scholar of comparative religion and mythology, exposes the long-lost history of religious ideology and goddess worship while indicting male-dominated cults. The essays cast a critical eye on:
• Religion as big business
• Religion’s effects on children
• The bible as a “moral guide” and “history”
• Biblical infallibility
• The doctrine of “original sin”
• The biblical attitude towards sexuality
• God as “Father”
• Church doctrine regarding women
• Church history vis-à-vis the Dark Ages, the Inquisition and book- and witch-burning
• Christian afterlife traditions
• Traditional Christian origins

Walker is also the author of The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, and The Skeptical Feminist.

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