“Imagine No Religion” Billboard Media Blitz Hits Phoenix

Five “Imagine No Religion” billboard ads were scheduled to go up in late August for a month in downtown Phoenix.

Billboards were scheduled for:

  • 19th Ave & Fillmore, west of the State Capital area on 19th Ave. (Best viewed traveling northbound on 19th Ave just prior to Fillmore.)
  • Van Buren & 15th Ave, northeast of the State Capital area on Van Buren. (Best viewed traveling eastbound on Van Buren just prior to 15th Ave.)
  • Indian School & 23rd St. (Best viewed westbound on Indian School Rd. just after 23rd St.)
  • McDowell & 14th St., northwest of the downtown area on McDowell Rd. (Best viewed eastbound on McDowell just after 14th St.)
  • McDowell & 3rd St. (Best viewing occurs westbound on McDowell.) FFRF is grateful for all the local donors and members who made this happen and the help of the Phoenix Atheist Meetup Group

Freedom From Religion Foundation