Solstice Card Contest Winners Announced






The Freedom From Religion is pleased to announce a two-way tie in its membership competition to design Winter Solstice greeting cards–a nonreligious alternative for December and New Year greetings.

The designers of the winning submissions are:


Jacques J. LeFresne

Clara Carlson
  • Jacques J. LeFresne, who now lives in Florida, but was born in France, grew up in Paris and has lived in many spots around the world. Jacques submitted several beautiful landscape paintings.

“We had a hard time narrowing down his submissions to only one,” said Foundation co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor.

The winning landscape is a charming, slightly nostalgic full-color painting of a train plowing through snow.

  • Clara Carlson, Washington state, who created just for the contest a delicately-colored, seasonal drawing. Clara, who is 101 years old, is a longtime member of the Foundation, who remains an active freethinker, state/church separatist, feminist–and artist.

Clara used to regularly attend Foundation conventions, and most recently was honored at the Foundation’s northwest mini-convention in Seattle in 2003.

“We also wish to thank journalist Natalie Angier for sharing her family’s witty card greeting, ‘Heathens Greetings,’ for Foundation use,” noted Dan Barker. A design employing that cheery message as the cover of a card is in production.

All members will receive a fall/winter book and product catalog in October, which will include details on these and other new products and solstice cards.

“We received many interesting winter solstice card ideas and designs from our membership, and wish to warmly thank everyone who participated,” said Dan and Annie Laurie.

Individuals who submitted a design will receive acknowledgments in the mail.

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