First-Ever Nontheist Billboard Goes Up!

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is unveiling a unique billboard campaign, in what is believed to be the first nontheistic billboard ever erected.

A beautiful, full-color, 18-foot billboard that mimics a stained-glass window warns “Beware of Dogma,” and includes the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s name and website.

The billboard debuts Oct. 2-16 in Madison, Wis. (Locals can look for it on the feeder road off the West Beltline next to Culver’s Restaurant, facing west.)

The Foundation is also greeting attendees of its 30th national convention, meeting in mid-October in Madison, with samples of its new billboard campaign.

Nearly everyone driving downtown from the airport passes via West Johnson Street. Timed to go up during the week of the conference, a smaller billboard on West Johnson near Fordem Avenue will carry the “Beware of Dogma” wording on one side, and an “Imagine No Religion” stained-glass version on the other! (See artwork above.)

The 18-foot billboard (pictured below) is a standard size which can be shipped around the country, wherever a freethought billboard is needed!

The Foundation will try to keep the billboard on the road, as finances permit.

Dan Barker, who oversaw the billboard campaign, noted:

“We think it is time to use the mass media to promote not only our association, but to counter the ubiquity of religious messages on roadsides everywhere!”

The Foundation warmly thanks a generous benefactor who has contributed a donation to kick off the campaign.

Freedom From Religion Foundation