In Their Own Words

We still get our basic rights from God, not government.

Candidate Fred Thompson
Des Moines, Iowa, Sept. 6, 2007

Tennessean, Sept. 7, 2007

Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord, should be the first caucus and primary.

Candidate Bill Richardson
Northwest Iowa Labor Council Picnic

Des Moines Register, Sept. 3, 2007

The second solution [to stop the Iraq war] is from your side . . . I invite you to embrace Islam.

Osama bin Laden
New video release

Associated Press, Sept. 8, 2007

There are no virgins waiting for you in Paradise when you die, only Satan and the everlasting punishment of hell. The good news I have come to deliver to you is that you, yes, even you, Osama, can escape God’s wrath. He loves you so much, that He sent Jesus to die for your sins, all of them, every last one! Yes, Osama, even you can be saved and enter into the Glory of Heaven.

Televangelist Bill Keller
Live Prayer TV
Video addressed to bin Laden

WorldNetDaily, Sept. 14, 2007

It’s a sin for a Christian not to vote. If a preacher gets into the pulpit and calls a candidate a liar or says that he is a multiple adulterer, that is considered politics. And he might end up losing his nonprofit status. There is a continual threat to chill and silence preachers.

Rick Scarborough
Vision America founder
Hosting 70 Weeks to Save America” to control 2008 election results

Houston Chronicle, Aug. 31, 2007

[The proposed federal hate-crimes law is an] evil and vicious law. If passed, it will make what I’m doing tonight an illegal act.

Rev. John Crimmons Sermon
Houston Chronicle, Aug. 31, 2007

I thought I’d never see her again until the rapture.

Harold Anderson
husband of Doris Anderson (who was found alive after 2 weeks in Oregon woods)
Associated Press, Sept. 8, 2007

What do I labor for? If there be no God–there can be no soul–if there is no soul then Jesus–you also are not true.

Mother Teresa letter
By My Light
ABC News, Aug. 24, 2007

I had a good teacher. I can assure you, I am going to do what my daddy told me, and I am going to stand up and speak for the issues I care about.

Jonathan Falwell
Stump speech on electing social conservatives

Washington Post, Sept. 12, 2007

Freedom From Religion Foundation