Sharing the crank mail

A teeny portion of a particularly vile batch of recent crank mail, printed as received:

pic of jesus: If the pic was up for historical reasons along with pics of Ghandi, moses and others then just take a deep breath and shut up. If it ws up to prosletyze (sic) then you can take it down. But your history doesn’t bode –you think everything is about religion and against the constitution. Get a life! — popeye sr.

You are whts wrong with the world today!: U people are whts wrong with the world today if u don’t want to believe then don’t that’s your choice!! And leave the kids alone for getting baptized at school with there coach as their own choice!!!! — John Doe

Decals on Police Cars: If you Devil worshipers don,t like the decals than wear dark sunglasses so you will not be able to see them. Having worked aboard ship for 45 years I have come across some very crass language, and I will now pass some of it on to you. You men of your orginazation keep on licking your fellow men,s stick and the women keep on licking the slit of your fellow female. This way you will be to busy to worry about what the Police have on their cars. If you don,t like this email, crumple it up and stick it up your A _ _ . — Arthur Windell, Caldwell, Texas

Get over It: WE have FREEDOM OF RELIGEION, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT YOU have the FREEDOM of CHOISE not to WATCH, PARTISAPATE, or AKNOWLAGE US . I suggest you get a LIFE. — Jeff Johnnson, Nevada

your work: I am a proud CHRDISTIAN I will do all in my power to hinder and destroy you filthy work — jonathan Flaum

Football Chaplins: You have NO right to say get rid of a Chaplin, If you don’t like it send you kids somewhere else,,, or even better home school them, to be bigots and hippocrates just like you! — Jimmie Groom, Madison, Ala.

Moutain Jesus: Don’t disguise common human trash as reedom of religion. Mountain Jesus say suck my cock you fucking human trash. — nwalters1957

Memorials and other: I hope your organization is VERY HAPPY about having a school take down a memorial. If you would look back, everything started going to pot in schools and communities after everyone had to start taking religion out. Why don’t you get on a case to get all the Mexican flags out of this country, that would make more sense. If they want to live here, they should fly our flag. — Wayne Wilson, Kansas

In God WE Trust: We are a land of majority rules, so deal with it like a mature adult instead of a petulant child. We live in a country based on Christian values. Don’t like the menu, then choose another place to eat. Not changing the menu. — JM

Lying asshole: [FFRF staff member], you better shut your fucking mouth now. Another word or letter from you to another school and your career will end. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LYING CONSTITUTION SHREDDING ASSHOLE. Die now you AIDS spreading piece of shit. If I ever see you in my life, you better fucking run. — Steve God, Ohio

Villa Rica baptisms: Hi, me again. You should check out the Facebook page titled “We support Villa Rica Coaches and GOD”. If you want to know how to find true peace and know beyond the shadow of a doubt what will happen to you after you pass from this life, please respond to my email address. I’d love to lead you to salvation! — John Lerch, Georgia

Fuck you: Burn in hell you terrorist cunts. — Douche Baggs

Donation: I wouldn’t donate a squirt of piss if your teeth were on fire. — Mike Andrulis
your movement: if you feel that you must spread your non belief that promotes belief and therefor I am going to sue you ::) sucks when the shoe is on the other foot don’t it, see you soon I am a multi millionaire have your lawyers ready. — kale mandrake, warren, mich.
My opinion: Allow me to be direct and to the point, just for my own satisfaction as a Christina woman, loving God: I hope a pox send you very soon to hell, were your soul, the thing you do not believe in, will rot for eternity. Scum like you we do not need around, so hurry up and go to rot in hell! — Barbara Kennemore, Greenville, SC

Religion: You idiots don’t want freedom from all religion, just Christianity and Judaism. You will all welcome Islam with open arms though since they are the ones who want to wipe us Christians and Jews off the face of the earth. Don’t even contact me back. Just let what I said sink in. I don’t want to here a word from you. — Coolidge Ownes, Madison, Wis.
Jesus Christ his picture: You should never take Jesus Christs picture down, never. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Get thee behind me Satan. — Concerned Christian, Georgia

Freedom: i was not aware of your organization until I saw an article about your beef with cop cars displaying “In God We Trust”. I am aware that it is virtually impossible to reverse your thinking ESP. since you are from that Democrat city, Madison. Figures. — Jim Irish, Cumming, Ga.

Removal of “Jesus Pic” In Chanute, KS: I’m just curious to know why the frrf is concerned over a picture? What if it was a pic of Kaitlin Jenner hanging in that school or maybe a pic of Hitler? For all you know, the pic in question could be just a pic of anybody. Nobody around has actually seen Jesus so how could you possibly know that this is Jesus? Please contact me, by email if possible as I work construction and I don’t use my phone when working. — Derek Benedicto, Guyandotte, W.Va.

May God have mercy on your souls: Ron Reagan stated he “was not afraid of burning in hell”. May I assure you that I have a promise from God, Ron will do just that unless he repents. You have my name and address. If Ron, or any of you decide to change your mind please contact me. — Alan DuPriest, Baxley, Ga.

Help: God is great and the government of the USA believes in GOD. SO eat shit you fags. Fuck you. God Bless. — Bill Wish, Alabama

about god in other places besides church: I’m writing this to say,I have a bucket of holy water I can pour out on you and all the atheist out their, how dare tell us when and where we can’t serve our Jesus the one who died on the cross from my sins as well as urs. It’s time us christain’s stand up and fight, and if you try to silence me I will speak louder, I have one last thing to say to all you ugly folks picking on my god, in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you Satan. — Robyn Lee, Norcross, Ga.

Chaplain Letters: How about you take those 3 letters you sent to SEC schools and shove them up your ass? With Kindest Regards. — Michael Skinner

Picture of Jesus: Why on earth would you people fight so hard to remove a photo of Jesus (your Creator) that has been part of a school for decades? That’s like removing photos of Sam Walton (founder of Walmat) from all Walmart establishments. I mean come on now. — DE, Massachusetts

How sad: I awoke this morning to a world in turmoil. Organizations selling baby body parts. Transgender celebs being celebrated as heroes. Our President turning a blind eye to the horrific acts of Isis. Go after Planned Parenthood. Alert our President ISIS is a real threat, in the midst of him making friends with Muslims. War heroes are real heroes, not someone who can throw on a dress instead of a pair of boxers. THESE are the injustices. Spend your effort and time on these. — Helen Garner

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