FFRF announces Freethought Now!

FFRF is pleased to announce that its blog is now being hosted by Patheos, a website dedicated to providing a credible dialogue on religion and nonreligion. Freethought Now! will be part of the Atheist Channel on Patheos, which hosts about 40 blogs, including Hemant Mehta’s popular The Friendly Atheist. Patheos itself hosts more than 500 other religious blogs and is accessed by millions of readers every month.

FFRF hopes this new venture will increase its visibility and membership. Most Patheos traffic comes from social media, and some of its blogs get millions of hits a month. In addition to exposing FFRF’s writing, activism and vision to a new audience, it will generate a modest income for our nonprophet nonprofit.

For now, our former blog site, ffrf.org/news/blog, will still host our archives and carry a link to the Patheos site. If you are signed up to receive notices of FFRF blogs by email, you will continue to receive a “teaser” of the blog that will take you to the Patheos website.

Freedom From Religion Foundation