FFRF’s new ‘Out of the Closet’ campaign

Meet your ‘Friendly
Neighborhood Freethinker’

FFRF is unveiling an exciting new “Out of the Closet” PR campaign in mid-October! These advertisements are three of 13 personalized king bus signs going up on the exterior of downtown buses to welcome freethinkers to FFRF’s Oct. 29-30 convention in Madison, Wis. The multimedia campaign will also include images of dozens of area FFRF’ers making “out of the closet” statements on a digital billboard. Tune in next month for more on the campaign. FFRF plans to take this educational and myth-dispelling campaign, featuring local freethinkers, around the country. Our motto: “Many faces make enlightenment work.”

Many faces make enlightenment work!

The ads above are part of FFRF’s new “Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Freethinker” public relations campaign which showcases FFRF supporters in the Madison, Wis., area. These images, all featured as king-sized exterior bus ads in Madison, will kick off FFRF’s new national “Out of the Closet” campaign. The goal is to counteract the fact that many Americans have never knowingly met a nonbeliever, as well as unfriendly stereotypes about nonbelievers. The campaign is debuting in time for FFRF’s 33rd national convention in Madison and is the national prototype. Dozens of Madison-area FFRF’ers will be featured on a digital billboard in Madison going up in late October. Members around the country will be asked to participate, and FFRF will be seeking diversity in age, race, background and profession.

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