Televangelist passes the buck on bigotry

During a program aired last year on the Christian Broadcasting Network that’s still on YouTube, a woman with an atheist fiancé asked, “How do you think we can interact with each other peacefully when it comes to spiritual matters?”

Rev. Pat Robertson answered: “There is no fellowship between an atheist and somebody who is a believer in God. . . . I hate to tell you, you’ve got to go find somebody else. . . . I mean, he’s gonna be serving the Devil and you’re gonna be serving God. It’s just that simple.”

Dan Barker, FFRF co-president, rightly took umbrage and fired off a strong letter to Robertson, calling his answer “a blanket prejudicial smear against the character of all nonbelievers. . . . What gives you the freedom to engage in the irrational, fearful hate-mongering against secular people?”

Barker asked Robertson to apologize: “Your callous anti-family advice may have broken up a good marriage, a union between two people who obviously love each other and are searching for a peaceful way to live in tolerance. Instead of harmony, you preach exclusivity, Christian superiority and cultish segregationism.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation