Cannon Fodder for the Gods: Norman B. LeClair

By Norman B. LeClair

The difference between a Muslim fundamentalist and a Christian fundamentalist is nil. Both see themselves as the one and only “ true believer, ” as followers of the one and only “ true god. ” Both are ruled by passions, emotions and feelings. Both proudly exhibit the exact same unbalanced, impenetrable and self-righteous mindset, and both will dutifully resort to violence in order to achieve their goals and so impose on each of us the will of their diabolical god.

The same demented mindset that can justify crashing commercial airliners into skyscrapers and the bombing of buses and trains is the same mindset that can sanction the destruction of day-care centers, women’s medical facilities and the assassination of doctors, nurses, police officers or anyone else they choose to identify as an enemy of their bloodthirsty god.

To no one’s surprise, these cowardly and clandestine plots to maim, mutilate and kill are hatched not in the dark and dank backrooms of some seedy bar, but in the mosques, the churches and the cloistered sanctuaries of the supposed “ servants of god. ” It is these preserves of the pious and the possessed, along with their insidious parochial indoctrination systems, that are the genesis of all the sectarian violence in the world. Without these dens of iniquity, and the slick and slippery Janus-faced men of the cloth, there would be no deluded “ true believer, ” no religious terrorism, no jihad, no fatwa and no so-called “ holy war. ”

But as long as governments find it expedient to subsidize, support and pay lip service to these criminally insane teachings, and parents continue to acquiesce as their children are turned into cannon fodder for the gods, the perfidious fundamentalist mindset, and all the hatred and fanaticism it engenders, will continue to metastasize and spread and soon render this earthly abode of ours utterly unfit for human (read civilized) habitation.

Norman B. LeClair is a Life Member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation living in Florida.


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