In Memoriam: Irene Stephenson

FFRF Lifetime Member Irene Hamlen Stephenson died in September.

She was born on Oct. 7, 1923, in Chicago to Charles Martin and Carolyn Hilda (Hilgers) Hamlin. She married Edgar B. Stephenson on Aug. 16, 1941, and they divorced in 1946.

In 1973, Stephenson founded a method of personality analysis called “biorhythm,” which assesses individual characteristics and compatibility between partners based on certain physical, mental and emotional “cycles.” She wrote a column on biorhythm compatibilities for the National Singles Register from 1979-81. She was the editor of The Truth newsletter from 1979 to 1985, and had been the editor of the Mini Examiner newsletter. She has been the founder, owner and president of several matchmaking services that use her biorhythm analysis method. She wrote numerous articles for magazines on issues of compatibility. She is quoted in Who’s Who in America (1998): “To be happy, you have to be what is natural for you, not what someone else wants you t In a letter to FFRF in 2007, she wrote, “I want you to know I read EVERY WORD of Freethought Today. When my copy arrives, I feel as if I have received a love letter.”

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