Thanks to donors, FFRF legal fellows begin second year

Madeline Ziegler and Ryan Jayne have started their second years as legal fellows for FFRF.

From September 2015 to August 2016, Jayne was the Diane Uhl Legal Fellow and Ziegler was the Cornelius Vander Broek Legal Fellow. The Diane Uhl Legal Fellowship was set up in Diane’s honor by an FFRF donor interested in furthering FFRF’s legal work.

Ziegler’s fellowship was named for a member leaving a bequest large enough to cover the year-long legal fellowship.

“We are so grateful to this member, a friend of benefactor Diane Uhl, who prefers not to be named, for making possible the start of a legal fellowship for FFRF,” says Dan Barker, FFRF co-president. “This will permit FFRF to reward deserving legal interns to work for one to two years for FFRF as attorneys, and to broaden the net to attract other recent law school grads seeking short-term fellowships to work for the separation of state and church.”

For the next year, Jayne will be known as the Eric & Elaine Stone Legal Fellow, just endowed by FFRF’s generous members Eric and Elaine Stone ($50,000). Ziegler’s second year is being paid for by a generous bequest from Patrick O’Reiley. The rest of that bequest has gone into a legal fellowship endowment, whose interest will be used to help pay at least part of legal fellowships over the years.

Individuals who contribute $50,000 to FFRF may have the legal fellowship named for them.

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