Sharing the crank mail

Here we go with another edition of Crank Mail, where we can see the unedited thoughts of those who are outraged by FFRF’s upholding of the Constitution.

Your crazy stand: I pray to God that each and every member of your group meet God one day as you transit to hell.— Rebecca B.

Rot in hell lowlife scumbags!!!: I will be PRAYING that ALL members of this Devil group will rot in hell for eternity. That’s what non-believers get to look forward to. Take down all the Christianity paraphanelia you want, Jesus lives in our hearts, souls and minds. You are wasting your time and lives, idiots. Jesus is EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Heathens. — Jason D.

Your assault against Christians: Gotta forgive you uninformed, doomed,idiots. How about a class-action suit against your organization and it’s individual members. Time to bankrupt you financially, as you are already morally bankrupt. You don’t tell me I can’t pray to my God. I also believe in self protection and keep my 12 ga Mossberg ready with double ought buckshot ready for unwanted visitors. Best you idiots stay far away.I pity you all for being so utterly stupid. The Book is Real, as is God. Enjoy Hell! — George R.

Your day: You people are all FUCKING IDIOTS whose day is coming. You will all be sitting in confinement in a place you definitely will not like. When the time comes you will be rounded up and all your phony law degrees will not help you one bit. — Carson W.

You fucking pièces of dog shit: Count your blessings you didn’t pull your bullshit at the school my kid goes to because i would have shot you worthless scumbags jn the head — Joseph N.

Ten comandments: I believe you are out of your minds and dead wrong. The ten commandments are a essential law. There is nothing wrong with having them in public. If a individual doesn’t like it then they dont have to read it. There is nothing wrong with the moralistic nature of these laws. It is disrespectful to our nation and forefathers and people that fought for our nation. To be the way you are. Everyone that ever died for this country is rolling in their graves. You make me sick. If someone displays one once of respect or dignity they are wrong. Freedom or religion is exactly this. We are allowed to put up the ten commandments or other religious writings wherever we want. — George T.

Your efforts: I’d just like to say regarding your effort to “free us from religion”. Just operate your own space, leave mine and my children’s alone. If you don’t want to participate then don’t, but I’ll NEVER do it your way. One more thing – Fuck your organization! — Larry W.

Your mission: In spite of all your efforts, you can never destroy Jesus. He is alive, and every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. This means you, by the way. One day, very soon, you will stand before Him and you will be required to give an account for your life. If you do not repent, He will have no choice but to send you to the lake of fire. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are blind, hate-filled hypocrites. You hate God, and you hate all who honor Him. They shall be exalted, and you shall be abased — Henry T.

Livingston county: Your organization offends me! I’m not even a trump supporter but watching him win and destroy organizations like yours is gonna be awesome. You people are scum. Pure evil. You get your kicks off stopping people from caring for each other. Nice wholesome things from the Bible threaten you. Like having the possibility of there being a Heaven would be a bad thing. Lol! What a bunch of whacko’s! Let’s have nothing to believe in and nothing to look forward to. — Cory R.

Question: I’ve sent a few messages with no response! Who is running this organization? Why do you hate God? What has he most likely NOT done for you? You know as well as I do separation of church and state doesn’t mean what you are pushing on people! Do you really believe that we came from a big boom? I would guess you don’t and your taking hundreds of people to he’ll with you! Jesus is the only way to heaven! Pleas respond — Michael W.

Prayer before football games: Well you got the prayer taken out of a little town named Dover. Way to go you’ve destroyed another small town tradition you bunch a commie bastards. — James L.

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