FFRF debuts atheist marquee

While most of the Christian churches in the U.S. (which number about 320,000) proselytize on marquees, secular groups haven’t promoted freethought in a similar manner. But now, FFRF has debuted its prominent digital marquee as part of the Oct. 9 grand opening of its newly expanded Freethought Hall in downtown Madison, Wis.

“What the freethought movement has needed is a marquee of its own,” said Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. FFRF will keep its marquee “upbeat and positive” while still forthright, unlike many church marquees that include lakes of eternal fire and brimstone, putdowns of nonbelievers or quips against equal rights for gays, atheists and women.

“We’re putting freethought on the map,” added Co-President Dan Barker, “and we want Freethought Hall to be a landmark.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation