Sharing the Crank Mail

A sampling of the voluminous crank mail recently received by FFRF, printed in all its grammatical glory:


Jesus Picture In Jackson Middle School: You know it is organizations like yours that make me see red… fuck you, your organization and everyone there.. our country is so fucked up because of people and groups like you. — Hank Talikka


your salries: Are you paid to keep God out of the American society? I’m guessing you are, as your activities of suing school districts, etc. require time and effort on part. Betcha I don’t get an honest answer! — Greg Simkovich, Laughlintown, PA


u r freakin gay. without god you wouldn’t be alive: You are breaking the law by telling people what they can do. if we wanna pray then we will pray! I’ll sue your freakin gay website for losers. — bobby at [email protected]


Sale Creek Middle School: Until you stand up and publicly denounce the teaching of any form of Islam in our public schools, you are nothing more than political agenda hypocrites. You are completely irrelevant. Go fuck yourselves. — James Veach, Georgia


Moral corruption caused by your organization: You are conducting a war on terror against Chjristianity! You are responsible for the moral decay of this nation. — Vittorio Luchi, Arizona


Troy University religious dorms: Are you idiots. This is total BS. Why are you doing this? What are you afraid of? If this was about porn, or weed, or anything else that destroys a society, you would be quiet. You people are bad!
Larry Lestelle, Washington


Idiots: Is there a Freedom from Idiots group? If so, all y’all idiots need to join. Then maybe we can be done with your hate group. I other words, GO AWAY! And your parent group, Atheists, is a religion as well. Look up the definition for a religion. I’ll help you out, “a shared belief” Does that not describe you? It is like reparations for slavery. If a black person also has Caucasian blood, do they owe themselves money? I found out about your religion on a wall in the men’s bathroom, along side of the ads for a BJ in a parking lot. Both are wrong. — M. Pieschel, Fayetteville, TN


suing people of faith IS wrong: HOW does simply seeing a picuture of Jesus or a plaque of the 10 commandments on a wall “harm” you? It doesn’t. Thing is if an atheist hung a dirty picture of something on a wall and anyone complained you would argue your first ammendment free speech rights, but let a Christian hang something on a wall and all of a sudden those first ammendment rights are null and void. Your fight is as old as time itself. Good verses evil, and my ticket is on good (God). — Patty Hadley, Kentucky


freedom: I want to file a complaint against you guys. I am offended by your actions and think it best that all of you move to Kenya or somewhere in that region. You are a bunch of ignorant asses. But you do live in the perfect state to be ass holes. Have a wonderful life because after you are done here it will get very hot.
Carlie, South Dakota


FFRF: Your website has made me very sad. I am praying for you. — Jan Cain,  Carrollton, Georgia


beliefs: I see your group has raised its UGLY HEAD once again to impose your beliefs on others. I thought politicians were the lowest vermin on earth but you re right there with them.
Jack Terrier, Virginia


you assholes: Why can’t you assholes mind your own fucking business instead of trying to shove your bullshit down our throats for something we do not believe in — john demirjian, new mexico


Yall are a bunch of crack pots: I am writing about something I seen about a pastor who said a bible verse & GOD six times when talking to students at Sale Creek Middle-High School. THAT IS OUR RIGHT TO SAY GOD AND TALK ABOUT A BIBLE VERSE IF YOU DONT WANT TO HEAR IT THEN LEAVE OR COVER YOUR EARS. Im 39 years old and when I grew up in school we said a daily prayer and said the Pledge. — Sharon Jenkins, Tennessee


5 Thousand Dollar Donation Enclosed: Here ya go. A nice shiny crisp 5 thousand dollar bill for you to play with. Oh wait, on that bill are the words, “In God We Trust”, opps, looks like you can’t use it after all.  Sorry about yer bad luck. Heck. None of you can even touch cash of any kind if it’s US currency now can ya. HAHAHAHAHA! — Chuck Thompson 


Jesus portrait at school: You have every right not to accept any God and not worship a Cross, Half-Moon or Star of David. For all I care, you may dance in robes around a fire pit and sing 70’s disco. Find your own private Hell. Shame on you! — David Baertsch, Plano, TX

Website bible quiz, WTF? I take this test and do pretty well, but when I get to the scoring, you insult me. Go fuck yourselves, assholes. yes, i did go to a parochial school, but I still scored an 18 on your test that had numerous trick questions. Until you becaome ACTUAL free thinkers, mainstream society is going to consider you for what you are: douche bag-weirdo zealots. Have fun hanging out with bill maher and Penn Gilette. — Erich Knox


Ohio Jesus portrait: Great Job! you cost a school system and their lackeys close to 100K Dollars. All for a widely distributed depiction of a religious icon. Please remember, my communist brothers, that the same religious icon will be waiting for you after you take your last breath, this time in person. — William Burns, Stuart, Fla.


Ohio school: Oh I am suffering severe and permanent damage from seeing a picture of Christ at the Ohio school you managed to sue. Give me a fucking break you losers. Why don’t you concentrate on real issues like poverty and hunger. Or get this, get a real job and support the economy. — Peter Tolley, California


Crank: Every Knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord !!!!!!!!11 Put that in your pipe and smoke it — Steve Johnson

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